Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Whats the hap Jack?!

                             July 27th
I received my first NatureBox! Its an awesome monthly subscription of yummy and healthy snacks. Its well worth the money (even though I think its a great deal). The 27th was also my twin brothers 19th birthday and I may have spoiled my cake by eating too many of the blueberry almonds. ;)

July 29th
This is pretty much what the great Hoosier State looks like this time of year. This picture doesn't due it justice, the road is very narrow. I doubt there are any Hoosiers who are claustrophobic. HA! But seriously, I think I love Indiana more than any Hoosier.
                            July 31st
 Me and my mom went to tour the new Mormon Temple in Carmel (a suburb of Indianapolis). Apparently before a temple is dedicated anyone can go inside so they were having open tours. It was breathtaking! The amount of beauty was overwhelming. While I don't share the beliefs of the Mormons, it was still a once in a lifetime experience I wasn't going to pass up.
                             August 1st
 I rolled out of bed at 7:00 on a Saturday morning to run up to our local bakery so we could have coffee and donuts for breakfast. Yes, I got dressed and brushed my hair. Yes, I came home and put my pajamas back on.
                             August 11th
 I spent ALL afternoon in town (30 min away) while my car was having an oil change and the spark plugs replaced. I even had an appointment at 12:54 and I didn't get home till 5:00! They even lost my car, by putting it in the wrong lot! And I took it to the dealers! Grrr! Anyway my mom wanted me to stop and get some bread and right by the store is a little drive-up coffee shop that is the BEST! I'm gonna say it, better then Starbucks. NO JOKE! And its run by a sweet Christian family, and I know several of the baristas in my personal life, so that's plus. ;) So Iced Mocha, no whip, a pump of hazelnut please. :)  

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