Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Elegant Baby Shower

 I had the wonderful privilege of hosting a baby shower for my cousins wife, back in November. It was wonderful fun and I think everyone had a great time.
  Here are some of my tips for a fun,and inexpensive party/shower.
Now, as much as I LOVE being the hostess, I have to be practical and try not to break the bank. So in the weeks that lead up to the shower I was constanly making lists and thinking how to have a beautiful shower and stretch my dollar as far as it could go. Which wasn't as much of a challenge as I thought. We weren't sure how many people would be coming so instead of having it in a home, we had it in our church basement.

 Here are some of my tips for a fun,and inexpensive party/shower.

   1. BORROW
If there are people that you feel comfortable with, borrow some things you might need. Don't be afraid to ask. Most people are so happy to help in any way.
  2. SHARE
 I so wanted to be able to do it all myself, but that is just kinda ridiculous. My Aunt helped pitch in some money which was a great help.

  A small challenge that I had (and I'm sure many can relate) was me and the mama to-be have almost completely different styles. But that added a fun little bit of challenge and helped me step out of my box.

  This was my major source of inspiration, from Pinterest, of course. A very rustic, but elegant theme.

   I'm so upset this picture never turned out! It was SO bright and hard to hide my shadow. :( Anyhow

 This was right as you walked in the door (note the blue :)) The church had that wooden high chair in the nursery and my crazy mind was reeling with creativity. In the picture frame was the shower invitation. The banner, I made a couple years ago for my sweet cousins bridal shower. And my best friend was kind enough to let me borrow her chalkboard.  

  And another picture that didn't turn out well.Grrr.
 Several years ago I was at a Graduation Party and something similar to this was on the gift table. I thought it was and awesome idea, and it was fun to pick out the Thank You cards. The dish pan and cup were the churches and the slate was mine.

I was so pleased with the refreshment table. It turned out exactly as I invisioned. I made the tassels with only 6 pieces of tissue paper! How easy! Again, Pinterest. I had coupons at JoAnns and got the burlap runner for a steal! The washtub was the church's. Instead of one big cake, or a bunch of cupcakes, my mom made a Cinnamon Struesel and Double Chocolate bundt cake. And my cousin made a Lemon Poppy Seed bundt cake. I also borrowed the cake stands. Each were different which added a quirkiness. This was a HUGE savings and worked wonderfully with the rustic/elegant theme. We also had some Chex-Mix, in a wooden bowl I borrowed.

 Drinks: Water with lemons and limes
            Hot mulled Apple Cider
            Hot Coffee
It was very cold and windy that day so it was nice to have the hot drinks as an option.

I think everyone had a nice time. It was mostly family which made it extra special.
We had 30 people and a budget of $200. We spent around $100. I kept my money in an envelope and wrote down the price of everything I bought. I was so excited when it was all tallied up!
I hope someone will find these tips helpful. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 October Favorites

    Breakfast! These chilly Fall mornings have me making oatmeal almost every morning. I make my oatmeal then add some of Nature Box probiotic mix, which has sunflower seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and dried apples, and yogurt bites (I leave those out). Then I chop up some of the cinnamon spiced almonds, which also has honey on them. Add it to my oatmeal with a tiny bit of brown sugar and maybe some Maple Syrup. I can't say YUM loud enough! It is so delicious and filling. Helps to keep me going till lunch. :)
The knitting bug has also hit over here. I've just finished a washcloth and just started on a baby bonnet. I have great plans for a matching scarf and hat set for a favorite little boy. ;)
COFFEE! This was the second Maple Brown Sugar Latte I'd had in the past two weeks. And I am not ashamed! ;) Perks of a close friend moving downtown in the city.
My love for Indiana is kinda scary...but what a great way to show your State Pride! You can't believe how soft and comfortable these tees are! Everyone needs one! I ordered mine off of Etsy
How could I not talk about the beautiful October sunsets! Pictures never do it justice!
I'd love to know what your October favorites have been!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Whats the hap Jack?!

                             July 27th
I received my first NatureBox! Its an awesome monthly subscription of yummy and healthy snacks. Its well worth the money (even though I think its a great deal). The 27th was also my twin brothers 19th birthday and I may have spoiled my cake by eating too many of the blueberry almonds. ;)

July 29th
This is pretty much what the great Hoosier State looks like this time of year. This picture doesn't due it justice, the road is very narrow. I doubt there are any Hoosiers who are claustrophobic. HA! But seriously, I think I love Indiana more than any Hoosier.
                            July 31st
 Me and my mom went to tour the new Mormon Temple in Carmel (a suburb of Indianapolis). Apparently before a temple is dedicated anyone can go inside so they were having open tours. It was breathtaking! The amount of beauty was overwhelming. While I don't share the beliefs of the Mormons, it was still a once in a lifetime experience I wasn't going to pass up.
                             August 1st
 I rolled out of bed at 7:00 on a Saturday morning to run up to our local bakery so we could have coffee and donuts for breakfast. Yes, I got dressed and brushed my hair. Yes, I came home and put my pajamas back on.
                             August 11th
 I spent ALL afternoon in town (30 min away) while my car was having an oil change and the spark plugs replaced. I even had an appointment at 12:54 and I didn't get home till 5:00! They even lost my car, by putting it in the wrong lot! And I took it to the dealers! Grrr! Anyway my mom wanted me to stop and get some bread and right by the store is a little drive-up coffee shop that is the BEST! I'm gonna say it, better then Starbucks. NO JOKE! And its run by a sweet Christian family, and I know several of the baristas in my personal life, so that's plus. ;) So Iced Mocha, no whip, a pump of hazelnut please. :)  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Review /// May

 Nothing like a good book and a cup of tea!

    I started this book several weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. I LOVE history. And I mean LOVE! There is so much knowledge to be gained from the past, and I feel we overlook it with excuses, "Its boring, that happened way back then, how does this apply to today?" But as the saying goes, "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

              Victoria's Daughters by Jerrold M. Packard

 I've always had bit of an interest in British History in general, so when I found this book at the library ( I really don't own many books, the library is definitely right up there with food and water, for me) I was really intrigued. The main focus is of course Victoria's daughters (hence the name) but I feel that this book gave a very historically accurate portrayal of the whole monarachy and life in the United Kingdom at that time. It is very well written, the authors use of words was PHENOMANAL! There are pictures also of the family which really helps to put these people in perspective as real human beings, not just characters from the past.

I feel like I had a very strong education, and since I've finished school that I've kinda slacked off on my reading material. And this was just the ticket! If you're interested in this sort of reading material, I highly recommend this book. I would also love any book suggestions!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Necessary Recipes: Apple Pie


So, I'm not a rustic girl. I love old fashioned and practical things, but the whole "burlap and lace", "iron chickens" and "beds made out of old crates"style don't really make me happy. I like them for other people but not for myself. But..... when it comes to Apple Pie, you just can't help it! This is a recipe that screams "Stir me with a wooden spoon! Bake me in a rustic pie pan!"*               

 Unlike most 'Americana' pies it doesn't have a top crust. I read somewhere that Apple pies like this are called Dutch Apple, and the ones with the top crust are French Apple. Or the other way round, I really can't remember. This has always been a favorite and it always disappears fast at gatherings.

  5 cups cubed, peeled apples (granny smith are best)
  1/2 cup sugar
  2T. flour
  1t. cinnamon
  1/2t. ground nutmeg
  1 unbaked pastry shell (9 inches)

  1/3 cup sugar
  1/3 cup flour
  1/3 cup cold butter

  Toss the apples and the dry ingredients together. I let them sit in a bowl and marinate while I make the pie crust.

   When you're done with the crust, gently fill your pie pan with the apples and all the yummy juices at the bottom of the bowl. When you're cutting in your butter you'll want to leave some big, yummy chunks to melt into the pie.

     Yum, yum! I hope anyone who tries this pie will enjoy making, and eating it as much as I do!
*To clarify: Pies don't scream. Or talk.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Beginning // 2-6-15

  This was my little corner of the world today. A vast expanse of sparkling whiteness. I like to think that it is representative of a clean slate, a new beginning. I'm so excited to begin this blog and share my little world with the big world. Sit down and stay awhile!